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Stanley Cup Playoff Pool

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2016/17 RSPSelect Cup Champion


The Cup was  purchased in 2005 In the 2048/49 season  the Cup’s base  will be filled A small percentage of the admin fees cover the purchase  of the Cup Prior to 2010 no RSPS Team had won 1st place & the Cup twice Cup was introduced to help make the pool different from other pools A Cup was part of  the RSPS expansion plans in 2002/03 Cup was introduced To add to the fantasy aspect  of the pool Cup was introduced to add more light-hearted fun The Cup’s 4-sided base provides for 48 winners’ engravings Admin fees include the Cup’s engraving costs Will you be a Poolie participating for the Cup in the 2048/49 season By 2017 five different engravers have been used Admin fees increased in 2003/04 so a portion could go towards purchasing the cup Prior to 2008/09 trading players was managed by qty’s of trades not  salary cap 2005 - 2006 Mike C. MIKE C. THENHLJL had 3 versions of the RSPS ready for 3 scenarios: 1. Season starting on time. 2. Season starting 4 - 6 wks late. 3. Season starting half way.  Frustration ran high when word came there would be no NHL season. LOCK OUT Shawn knew he couldn’t attend the draft so asked a friend to pick (from his list) for him.  His friend Steve picked a pretty good team. SHAWN K. The local media reported seeing this Team buying thePres a beer,just a week before winning the Pool... hmmm...  “...I like taking your money...” [Howard] HOWARD W. Wasn’t until the 2nd last day of the season this Team gained some breathing room, although it was still close.   “…a fun pool, got me watching more games during  the regular season… ” [Cam] CAM P. 2010 - 2011 Derek C ITCHY CUP 2009 - 2010 Jeremie G LEAF KILLER 2008 - 2009 Jeremie G. LEAFS SUCK 2007 - 2008 Howard M. Weeks prior the HOD, stated he was approaching this season intending to be very methodical & strategic.  “…picked my team name to be CRACK HEAD because that’s how my head felt at the HOD...” [Howard] CRACK HEAD Won the cup in his rookie year. Participated only in this one season. First round draft choice was goalie Martin Brodeur; also a first for any goalie being selected in first round. 2006 - 2007 Dan H. DAN H. 2011 - 2012 Ed W. DEFLEXXION 2012 - 2013 Player Lock Out LOCK OUT 2013 - 2014 Adam C. LEAF STRONG 2014 - 2015 John L. JT PLAY 4 CUP 2015- 2016 John L. ALL 4 ARBOUR PASS DA FOIL 2017- 2018 The last week of the season he was still feeling the pressure & stress of losing first place even though many of the top contenders thought they couldn’t catch up to him.  “...finally...” [John] A season which seemed luck was on his side. Second Team to win back to back Cups.  The drive for 3 starts next October.  “...now I’m starting to like this hockey pool...” [John] A dedicated participant of the RSPS.  As per this season’s team name, he cheers for the Toronto Maple Leafs. However, had just the 1 Leaf player on his team who ended sitting in the minors, when he won the CUP. “...can’t wait for the HOD…” [Adam] The first (& only) time a female participated for the Cup was RSPS 2011/12 Only one winner’s name is engraved on the Cup BACK THENHLJL - Hockey Stuff RSPSelect Cup - last update Sept 2017 BACK HOD 2017/18 Sun Oct 1st 12:30pm 3 Teams confirmed (as of Sep 22) Alt-Opt Dates Oct 2nd , Oct 3rd , Oct 15th