A hockey pool where you predict the winning teams of Saturday NHL games & win ca$h for the most correct wins.

The 2017-18 NHL HNIC PGP Pool

… begins on the first Saturday of November & covers 20 Saturdays over the season.

-  Each Saturday has its own PGP card to be completed.

-  One time entry fee of $40 is due by November 11th.

-  Deadline for each PGP Card is noon on the given Saturday.

-  Every PGP Card submitted requires a date/time stamp.

-  PGP Card can be completed online or downloaded (then attached & emailed).

-  A hardcopy PGP Card (or reasonable facsimile) can be completed if scanned or a photo taken.

-  A photo or scan can be submitted via email or text-msg.

How to partake in this Pool

-  You join/register with the first Saturday PGP Card (Nov 4). Letting me know before then is greatly appreciated.

-  There is a grace period for joining after Nov  4th.  You must complete the Nov 11th card. It’s agreed no points earned from Nov 4th card.

-  With each register/commitment, Poolie names will be added & posted on the website (standings) so everyone has an idea how many are partaking.

-  The sooner you let me know, helps me prepare and encourages others who are considering.

-  If curious as to how many Poolies are partaking, you can check the list (standings).

-  Deadlines are always noon on the given Saturday.

-  Your information is never posted or shared. Only your Poolie name is used online.

How to fill-out the PGP Card [see instruction diagram below]


-  You can download a hardcopy (PDF) or ask me for one.

-  Verify the correct card for the date.

-  Add a mark (‘X”, “check”, etc..) only beside the team you hope to win. No mark for opposing team.

-  After you marked all games add the total goals scored for that Saturday (the total goals all games combined).

-  Add your Poolie-Name (always use the same Poolie-Name) and hand in the card.

-  A photo of the hardcopy is taken. This creates a date/time stamp.


-  Verify the correct card for the date.

-  Click on the square aside the team name you think will win. All visitor teams are selected by default.  

-  Add total goals (visitor + home goals) and then your Poolie name.

-  Click on submit. The web page will instantly refresh & display your picks. Right click anywhere on the page and save-as (for your own records).

About Tie-Breaker

-  Total goals means both visitors & home teams’ goals combined. Total goals are recorded for the entire season.

-  Tie-breaker for any individual Saturday goes to the closest (over/under) to total goals scored on that Saturday.

    If a tie still remains the Poolie who is ‘under’ gets the win. If still tied prize is shared.

-  Tie-breaker for the final standings goes to the closest (over/under) to total goals scored over the season.

    If a tie still remains the Poolie who is ‘under’ gets the win. If still tied prize is shared.

The Pool Money

-  A one-time entry fee of $40.00 gives you 20 Saturday picks.

-  $20.00 (website fees) is deducted from total entry fees. Remaining $$$ goes to prizes.

-  This 2017/18 season has 21 Poolies X $40 = $840.00 and therefore a cash pot of $820.00.

Prizes (after deduction)

The following will be adjusted as per the number of participants. The amounts below will be recalculated and made official on Nov 12th.

-  6 Saturdays pay instant cash of $40.00 to the Poolie with most correct wins on the Saturday for a total $240.00 (for the season).

-  $500.00 (remaining pool $$$) goes to 1st place overall in the standings (most correct wins for the season).

-  $80.00 goes to 2nd place overall in the standings (most correct wins for the season).

** Individual Saturdays cash payout increased to $40 (from $30) as a result of having more than 19 poolies. There is no 3rd place prize (same as previous seasons).

Winners & Money

Winners of Instant PGP Cash and of the final standings Cash are contacted individually  (within 1-2 days) of the winning dates and arrangements made so they quickly receive their cash prizes.

How to complete a HNIC PGP Card (	You can also click the download icon below to save to your computer ) Back

(This information is continually updated throughout the entire time of the hockey pool, in this case the entire NHL season 17/18)


-  Poolie DMFT error with tie breaker goals for Nov 4th was reported & corrected. Changed from reading “8” to “80”. This was corrected & updated with overall Poolies PGP Picks on Nov 5.

-  Poolie BEEBS HOCKEY TEAM score for Nov 4th showed qty 4 wins & 8 loses. This totals qty 12. Total should be qty 13. Their score was checked again & its been confirmed they had qty ‘4’ wins & qty ‘9’ loses. The standings have been updated accordingly however the correction/update did not change the rankings as is therefore the correction/update was not directly apparent at the time.

-  Dec 23 Poolie SHEDHEAD asked to submit entry 10-15 mins late. Because this wasn’t a paying PGP Sat and the number of games being 15 (somewhat of an impact) and it was 2 days before Christmas his entry was accepted. If more than 3 Poolies disagree before Feb 1st SHEDHEADs entry will revert to all visitors.

-  Jan 14 Poolies OTTAWA JOE & RED SUE asked for a double check of the wins/loses scores from Sat 13th, expecting an error or omission. Poolies PGP Picks were double checked and confirmed no errors or omissions.

-  Jan 16 Poolie MOOSEKNUCKLE reported an odd number of total wins/loses for them in the standings (compared with others). This was checked & the error was with Sat Dec 9th, which listed 8 wins & 8 loses with 12 games. The correct count should have read 8 wins & 4 loses. This was corrected & updated with overall standings on Jan 21.

-  Jan 20 Poolie TWEEDSTER reported a possible error the wins/loses scores from Sat 13th. Their submitted PGP Card did have qty 4 wins & 5 loses, not as indicated in the standings (3Ws & 6Ls). This was corrected & updated with overall standings on Jan 21.

-  Jan 20 images of Poolies PGP Picks had qty 21 placeholders (correct number) however one was a duplicate. When double checked, it was poolie BLACKY 11 picks not displayed. That card was an automatic (they missed deadline) but somehow didn’t get posted with the other 3 automatics. The duplicate was removed and it was replaced with the correct ‘auto’ (BLACKY 11) card. This was corrected & updated with overall standings on Jan 21.

-  Feb 3 Poolie SHEDHEAD PGP Card shows “Jan 20” date. Was confirmed it’s the correct card and the date only (showing previous Sat) was corrected. This was the 1st card submitted therefore all Cards following this, display “Feb 3”.

-  Feb 4 PGP Card was found (not before noon deadline) to have an input error with Game #9. Game #9 should display Visiting Team being NY Rangers and Home Team being Nashville Predators. The input error is with the Home Team. Instead of displaying Nashville when you selected Home Team it displayed St Louis.

Due to the error not being found until after deadline by myself or any Poolie and the fact that if NYR was displayed your selection was Visitor Team and if STL was displayed your selection was Home Team (Nashville), the decision is the error did not alter the outcome of “Game #9” and is accepted as is.

Also note that the online game card has been temporarily re-enabled so any Poolie can play around with any selections and submit any selections and see for themselves. Your PGP Card submissions will go no where other than the fact you will see your card choices when the page refreshes immediately after clicking submit. So of course submit multiple times.

-  Feb 7 general info… about the pool & standings & stats & such.

Periodically I double check everyone's picks and their win/lose stats. This double-check process helps with finding any human error issues. After all, some parts of the overall process, requires human input.

With that said I have just now finished and have corrected all that I found. All data/info will be uploaded, so to be current, on Wed Feb 7.

In addition I have added a formula, with the related MS Excel DB, that will help with confirming the sum of wins & loses.

Regardless the processes at hand to ensure correct data, it is still very helpful that Poolies promptly report errors.

-  Feb 13, the Standings for Feb 10 showed 2 Poolies tied with 8 wins & 1 lose.  Poolie RED SUE won the tie-breaker. An error with this was reported as it was 3 Poolies that were tied (not just 2). The 3rd Poolie has now been included; with the tie-breaker decision. With the 3 Poolies tied, Poolie RED SUE earned the win with “57goals” vs the actual “58goals”.

-  Mar 10 Poolie DMFT PGP Card was not submitted (unseen) therefore Auto-Submit was done. DMFT confirmed they had submitted on Mar 3rd. All cards were double checked and yes DMFT card for Mar 10 was submitted on Mar 3rd. The ‘early’ submitted card was over looked by me. DMFT auto submit card was crossed out & the true card posted & uploaded Mar 11 prior to the update of the Standings.

-  Mar 17 PGP Card has an error. Displaying wrong home team name. As before because the home team displays a different team “name” does not change the fact that a Poolie selected the “home” team. Therefore any PGP Card displaying “Home Tampa Bay” for “Game #3” is confirmed as “Home Los Angeles Kings”.

-  Mar 17 PGP Card date displays “Mar 10th”. Although the card number is correct “number 17 of 20”; the date should be displaying “Mar 17th”.

Q: Can I see everyone’s picks

A: Yes each entry is posted online.

Q: I can’t download the PGP card for some reason (before deadline).

A: Complete a reasonable facsimile of your picks; take a photo and send to me by email or txt. Please inform me about the download problem so I can fix before the next Sat PGP card.

Q: How are the entries displayed

A: The quickest (most efficient) means of displaying everyone’s picks, is posting an image of each.

Q: How do I know no one’s picks are changed or tampered with.

A: Everyone’s picks for the Saturday are posted online so anyone can check as well take a snap-shot of the web page so to compare at various times for any discrepancies. The results (standings) are also updated and posted after each Saturday, therefore available for comparison with all entry picks.

Q: What if I forgot to submit one of the Saturday’s picks.

A: New this season is a feature that when you forget the web site automatically submits a PGP Card for you with all of the visitor teams selected.and a random number for total goals.

Q: What if I miss or overlook a game and no mark is adjacent either team?

A: If a hard copy, that game will automatically be recorded as a loss. If online every game (by default) has the visiting team marked to win .

Q: What if I miss or overlook the tie-breaker number?

A: Your tie-breaker number will be recorded as “9”. Other tie-breaker rules will still apply.

Q: What if an unintentional hindrance occurs & I submit my picks after the “noon” deadline.

A: This is looked at on a case by case basis, only upon request. After all an automated Card would have been submitted.

    These factors are considered;  1. What hindrance?   2. Time of request for submission.  3. Has any game started.   4. Is it fair?   

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