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RSP2 Box-Draft RS Pool


Stanley Cup Playoff Pool

HNIC PGP Central THENHLJL HNIC PGP Poolies can access all that they’ll need, to partake and keep up with the latest HNIC PGP reports, stats & info throughout the season.  Central is one page with many links, for the  HNIC PGP Poolie. 2015-2016 2015-16 HNIC PGP Links The Standings


 First of its kind.

This 2015-16 NHL Season

is the debut of the


2013-2015 the pool’s concept was formulated and this pool was tested & finalized.

I’m more than certain you will enjoy this pool and enjoy the NHL Regular Season much more.

Questions? Comments? Submit Entry via Email? hnicpgp.jlpool@thenhljl.com Yes Have Fun!

In Brief

NHL Regular Season Pool

You guess the winning teams … not players or goals or assists or whatever… just winning teams.

- 12 Saturdays to choose from, just 10 game cards to complete throughout the season.

- Check-mark the teams you think will win & hand it in before each of the Saturdays’ deadlines.

- Guess the most correct wins and win the pool.

- You pay 1 entry fee for the entire season’s 10 game cards.

- Partake as an individual or as a group.

Rules & About HNIC PGP Calendar & Game Cards The Stats (poolies’ entries) F A Q s Current Online Game Card Saturday NHL Final Scores

POOLIE ‘NO 2 3 ON 3’ WIN 1ST Place


HNIC PGP Issues/Comments Back (history) Back (history)

Q: Where is the entryform?

A: To use an online entry click on the link “Online Games Cards (& cal)”. To download an editable PDF click on the link “Calendar & Games Cards”… or click on “Get Started – Entry Form”.

Q: How do I enter?

A: You enter by completing the first (mandatory) PGP Game Card (numbered 2 of 12). Card number 1 of 12 is a Flex Card meaning your option to complete it or not. You only complete 2 of the 4 Flex Cards over the season.

Q: Why Flex Cards?

A: It’s important Poolies don’t miss a PGP Saturday so the timing of the 4 Flex Saturdays I hope helps Poolies who maybe be out of town or too busy to commit 2 Saturdays a month.

Q: Why not include every Saturday of the NHL season?

A: 26 Saturdays are too many to ensure the proper management and reporting that’s required for this type of pool. Also the higher number of Saturdays could possibly increase the number of missed Saturdays. Its very important Poolies do not miss a Saturday.

Q: How many Poolies are there?

A: The minimum number of Poolies is 10. I hope to have about 15 Poolies but I won’t know until closer to the Pool deadline.

Q: Why are there only 5 Saturdays that immediately pay out cash prizes?

A: The concept is to help keep Poolies interested in the pool over the long season and to reward a few Poolies who have a “good” Saturday of picks but low numbers of wins come end of pool.

Q: The 5 cash prizes seem a bit cheap?

A: Because the pool is about who has the most wins over the season, a worthwhile larger prize for that/those Poolies was preferred. However the small cash prizes thru-out help give back to some Poolies money towards their entry fee.

Q: Is the Deadline Oct 31 or Nov 14?

A: Deadline is Nov 14th at 10:00am. Saturday Nov 14th is the first mandatory Saturday for Poolies to make their picks (winning teams). Oct 31st is the first Saturday Poolies have the option of making their picks.

Q: If Oct 31 is optional & a Poolie submits a Game Card will they not get more Saturday picks that everyone else?

A: No.  All Poolies have the same qty 4 flex (optional) Saturdays & can only choose 2 of them. That Poolie can only choose 1 Saturday more from the remaining 3 whereas others can choose 2 of the 3. At the end of season every Poolie will have the same number of games to predict which is 118.

Q: What if I forget or miss a Saturday?

A: That can’t be controlled therefore it would be bad luck for you but the odds are too low for that to happen, with all the reminders online. You can ask the thenhljl to email you reminders. Every Poolie can ask for that. You must ask because the thenhljl does not send unsolicited emails to Poolies. Go Here.

Q: I’ve submitted my picks & don’t see my entry online nor do I see the Saturday results?

A: All info is inputted manually. No DB transfers or direct uploads or auto populating of data is in place. So regardless if your entry is updated (inputted) immediately or days or even weeks later; it gets updated and each one has a date/time-stamp for validation. I try to have things current as much as possible but when I fall short of “being on the puck/ball”, be assured that at anytime everyone is welcome to ask for copies of any single entry &/or every entry.

Q: I’m worries I’ll forget to enter the right Saturdays’ game picks?

A: If you want reminders of the rules.. of the types of Saturdays… of the Saturdays themselves?… Send a request to hnicpgp.jlpool@thenhljl.com and hnicpgp.jlpool@thenhljl.com will send you this info a day or two or more prior to each Saturday. You can even say how many hours or days or weeks prior you want to receive this info. Simply… just ask. Note that hnicpgp.jlpool@thenhljl.com will not contact you unless you ask hnicpgp.jlpool@thenhljl.com to contact you.

F A Q s Questions? Comments? Submit Entry via Email? hnicpgp.jlpool@thenhljl.com

I want to be reminded

If you want a reminder sent to you by email for each of the remaining PGP Game Card Saturdays just send an email to this address and the reminders will start prior to the upcoming PGP Saturday.


What will be emailed to you & when?

- Each Wednesday of the week a PGP Saturday occurs.

- It will be Wednesday morning just prior to noon.

- The From address will read … “hnicpgp.jlpool@thenhljl.com”

- The Subject will read … “PGP Sat Reminder”

- The email Content will state the PGP Saturday’s … “date”  “deadline time” .. “the type of  game card” .. “a flag if its a flex-Sat that you must complete” .. “a link to where you can download the entry-form in PDF Format” .. “a link to where you can complete an online entry-form”.

- You do not reply (or need to) to “hnicpgp.jlpool@thenhljl.com”.

Anything else?

- “hnicpgp.jlpool@thenhljl.com” will never email you anything other than the reminder that's explained above.

- Your email address will not be posted on thenhljl website or forwarded to anyone outside of or not related to the thenhljl domain.

- Unless you say otherwise, Wednesday April 6th you will receive the last email message from “hnicpgp.jlpool@thenhljl.com”.

- You can cancel the reminder at anytime by replying to “hnicpgp.jlpool@thenhljl.com”. Replying to “hnicpgp.jlpool@thenhljl.com” will immediately stop the reminders.

Don’t forget the upcoming PGP Saturday throughout the NHL season 15/16

Want help remembering PGP Saturdays?

Help keep our records correct by checking & reporting errors/omissions ASAP.


Opens April 12th   -   Deadline is April 15 7pm

$15 per entry  -  enter 2 entries for $25



BD BANDIT   EASY E      NO 2 3 ON 3