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Welcome to the THENHLJL.COM
This non-profit website is developed & managed by the locals, for the locals.
We have existed as long as we have because of the generous donations made by the Poolies & by friends & by site visitors like yourself.
Thanks for your patience with the site’s ups & downs … as free time, is our only working hours.
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THENHLJL (in our world of acronyms) stands for
Those Hockey Enthusiast's New Hockey League Jon L.
All that is posted here, stated here & talked about here and any opinions expressed here or parodies made here; should all be taken light-heartedly.  If taken any other way, we like to call that misinterpretation.

Who’s Here?

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When you participate in any THENHLJL Pool you become a THENHLJL Poolie. When you participate, for the first time, in the RSPSelect you are called a Rookie. If you return for a second RSPSelect season, you then become a THENHLJL member. If you return to the RSPSelect a third year, you can then invite someone you know to join the RSPSelect. One the many benefits of being a THENHLJL member.
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THENHLJL Poolies & Members
Welcome to

The Regular Season Pool Select (RSPS) is a sit down draft session regular season NHL pool.  You can participate in this pool if you are a THENHLJL member or if you are invited by a THENHLJL member to participate.
Each spring, the rules and features of this pool, are reviewed as part of a continuous improvement process.  Participants are always welcome to send in their ideas, suggestions and complaints.

The RSPSelect Cup:
The RSPSelect Cup was introduced in 2005.  It is awarded to the RSPS Poolie who comes in first place overall.  The winning Poolie has their name and the year they’ve won it, engraved on the cup.  The cup is handed over to the winning Poolie along with their $$ winnings.  The Poolie keeps the cup from the time awarded, until on or before the date of the following season's draft session.
The Cup was introduced to help separate this type of pool from the many other similar pools... to make it a ‘select’ pool.

The HOD:
HOD stands for House of Draft.  The RSPS is a draft your players type pool; therefore all Poolies must attend the HOD, if they want to participate.  The HOD is a properly organized & managed draft session where the drafting of players is done promptly; maintaining the planned HOD schedule/agenda.  Poolies attending are well organized and prepared.

THENHLJL Playoff Pool:
Unrelated to the RSPS is a Stanley Cup playoff pool, simply called THENHLJL Playoff Pool. Everyone is welcome to participate. The pool is set up so that poolies each select 13 players and 2 bonus players, they can sub-in before round two begins. This is an online pool which also allows for hardcopy entries. This pool has been going since 1994 and is becoming more & more popular with the local poolies each & every year.

Hockey Not:
This section of the site is for visitors who are bored with hockey or simply not into hockey or hockey pools.

OWow Pics:
It's exactly that.  Those emails your friends send you of funny and strange pics then find, you will find here.  We have many OWow pics for you to choose from and we keep adding more.

Carleton Place:
We live in Carleton Place and are originally from the surrounding area.  In this portion of the site, we hope to provide some useful information, light amusement and welcomed pastime, for visitors from the area.

Help Us Maintain THENHLJL Site:
This site is a non-profit site.  Any funds raised, go directly back into maintaining the site.  Entry fees paid into our hockey pools are paid back out in cash & prizes.  Only a small administrative fee is kept, to pay for our site charges/fees directly associated to the pools.
100 percent of your donations, help keep this entire site running.  No donation is considered too small.
If you know of any small business that might be interested in making a small donation, please ask them to contact us.

We have provided PayPal access here as a convenience for Poolies to pay their entry
Most links have been disabled during this but as the surgery progresses the links will be enabled.