Changes to 2016/17 RSPS to be posted shortly.

Thank You all RSPS Teams !

Check back often - RSPS updates coming soon.

Team SIN BIN win lucky 7 prize.

Team IRISH EYES take 3rd place!

Team LEFT HOOK take 2nd place!

Team ALL 4 ARBOUR - RSPS Champs! 1st Pl

2015/16 RSPS Season ends!

RSPS Teams to make arrangements - settle up.

RSPS Team Accounts available - pls review

RSPS Teams soon settle SC & season fees.

Season Trade Deadline March 8th 8:00pm.

First week of March, team accts to be settled.

Injured Reserve not applicable after Feb 16 .

RSPS in last stretch ‘til Mar 8 Trade Deadline.

Type-B Trade Deadline - Feb 3rd - no trades?

Did NHL All Star break help injured players?

Type-B (season) trade deadline - early Feb

NHL All Star break just weeks away.

Online TRs now enabled,  apologies for delay.

Holiday TB ends Jan 2 but TRs still disabled


Following week updating & checking reports

Happy Holidays -  Poolies have fun play safe.

RSPS in Holiday Trade Blackout Dec23-Jan02

CEO returns, traveling abroad promoting RSPS

Fall Trade Blackout ends Sunday Dec 6 8pm

CEO travels to bring the RSPS to other worlds

RSPS in Fall Trade Blackout.. see calendar

Fall P2 Trade Blackout begins Nov 27th 8pm

RSPS improvements to be posted soon

Some new changes for RSPS 16/17 coming.

Nov. busy month with many player transactions

Fall P1 Trade Blackout ends Nov 9th 8pm

Trade Blackout Nov 1st - 8pm

Fall P1 Trade Blackout coming soon.

TRs now submitted as regular w/ online forms

RSPS Teams are to manage receipt of TRs

thenhljl confirm no spam/junk issues w/ TRs

Spam/junk mail issues tested on thenhljl side.

RSPS tmp Blackout ends, TR Reqs email now

TR Reqs fixed but now spam/junk issues

RSPS currently in a Trade Blackout

Trade Request errors found & being fixed

Nov 1st, the Fall P1 Trade Blackout begins

2 weeks in and RSPS Teams make trades

Season opening Trade Blackout ends Oct 11

RSPS Central finally reaches finishing stages

RSPS Central preparation hiccups soon fixed

RSPS Stats’ Site (THP) ready Oct 7 at midnite

The thenhljl busy busy prepping for 15-16

The Hod ends up working good & much fun

Pressures at the HOD with 12 Poolies or not

The thenhljl prepping for the HOD

New Poolies take long time veterans’ seats

The thenhljl confirm RSPS is a go

RSPS could be cancelled? A lockout?

thenhljl & RSPS tms debate req’d # of tms