Nothing for sure with fight for 1st, 2nd & 3rd & lucky 7

Team CCM has control of 1st in minors & draft?

Trade Deadline has past. Last stretch is now on.

Trade Deadline days away!  Feb 28th 7:30pm !

RSPS fees & salary cap hits $$ - due by March 9th

All players now returning to NHL will remain as RFA.

NHL & RSPS trade deadlines coming soon.

RSPS Team accounts to be settled 1st week of March.

RSPS Season Trade Deadline coming Feb 28th.

Will Teams aim for Minors’ 1st place? Which Teams?

See “News, Info, Issues & Such” - upcoming changes.

Type ‘B’ (team & team) trade deadline Feb 14th.

After All Star weekend wins & pts get more serious.

Injuries ?? a major impact in standings & both rosters?

Type ‘B’ (team & team) trade deadline coming soon.

Teams & Trades & Salary Cap report coming Jan 20th

NHL All Star Game-Weekend break coming soon..

RSPS expect many will make major trades tonight ?

RSPS Trade Blackout ends Jan 4th 7:30pm.

RSPS currently in Holiday Trade Blackout (Jan 4th).

RSPS Holiday Trade Blackout Dec 15th to Jan 4th.

When New Year arrives its only 14 wks to Playoffs.

Got suggestions, ideas for RSPS? You should share.

On Dec 15 predict the standings for Feb 15. Why not?

HOD time & day preferences soon to be solicited.

RSPS Improvements being posted - see News & Info.

Is there frustration growing to catch 1st & 2nd.

SUCKER PICK & SK8 BLADZZ holding at 1st & 2nd.

Dec 15 to Jan 4… holiday trade blackout.

Nov12 - free Type C Trade day.

Nov9 SUCKER PICK in 1st, SK8 BLADZZ 1st in Minors

Nov9 & 34 TRs & 20 players returned to NHL.

PSST - change your T-T password sooner than later.

Trash-Talk feature up & running. Have fun with it.

Quite a few Trades happening… mmmm.

Win 1st pl Minors you get first draft pick at next HOD.

A captcha update is being planned over next month.

Thanks all for your input regarding winning the Minors.

Confirmation req’d in order to receive trade notices.

Reminder… confirmation email from serif resource.

Win the Minors; you get #1 draft position next season.

All asked to vote yes/no; new rule - Minors 1st place.

11 RSPS Team this 2017-18 season.

Number of Poolies up & down as HOD drew near.

Poolies should plan for between 11 ~ 12 poolies Sun.

Oct 13th, 1 cancel, we  now have 11 Poolies.

As of Oct 12th, we  have 12 Poolies confirmed ‘yes’.

New, Rookie & Veteran Poolies. Got questions? Ask!

As of Oct 9th, we  have 11 Poolies confirmed ‘yes’.

1 (of 2) new Poolie will be partaking as of Oct 6.

New? TR fees… TB… draft positions…

Remember to check out what's new for 2017/18.

Committing yes/no soon? Are 2 possible New Poolies.

It’s Oct 5th… 9 more sleeps to the HOD.

Still waiting to hear from Poolies. Qty 10 as of Oct 3.

Busy getting ready… we will be ready… will you?

Still awaiting Poolies to commit Y/N asap

HOD confirmed Oct 15 1:30  -  Min 12 Poolies req’d

Keep checking back for daily news & updates

Do the dates Oct 10 &/or 11th help anyone - really?

Some interesting new features for HOD 17/18

HOD Oct 1 cancelled - Now Oct 15 - pls comment!

Some rules changes for 2017-18 - look about

suggestions - questions - comments - contact me!

RSPSelect Central now being prepped for 2017-18.

PASS DA FOIL may return in pursuit of 2 in a row.

Don’t forget to check out what's new this season..

To all - send me an email soon, committing yes or no.

Knowing how many possible Poolies helps big time !

The more Poolies the better so I’m now in solicit-mode.

Reminder! Let me know if you want to invite a Poolie.

Alt Optional HOD dates; Mon Oct 2nd & Tue Oct 3rd.

Optional HOD Sunday dates; Oct 15th.

HOD set for 12:30pm Oct 1st optional dates available.

With Season starting Oct 4th the HOD will be Oct 1

At this time the plan is to keep the HOD on a Sunday.

Busy busy getting ready for 2017-18.