Congratulations to Brent & all the winners.

Its official SHEDHEAD takes 2nd & SLEW CREW 3rd.

PASS DA FOIL (Brent) getting engraved on the Cup.

Winners soon contacted to make plans for prize $$.

thenhljl Playoff Pool entry form now available.

2nd & 3rd & 4th & Lucky 7 soon to be official.


RSPS Team PASS DA FOIL take first place overall !

April 9 last day of the season. Battle for 3rd & 4th ?

Is 1st locked up? Then what about 2nd  3rd  4th ?

Top teams quite random in the standings.

thenhljl prepping for playoff pool. Will you be ready?

Stats set to revert to 0 reminding team s of acct fees.

RSPS Teams contact theCEO to arrange payments.

thenhljl/RSPS prepping for season end & playoffs.

RSPS Teams, arrange & settle your accounts soon!

Did you know? Past 4 yrs 144 TRs was the highest!

Trade deadline many teams use S/C to move up.

Who do you send down? Who do you call up?

Trade DEADLINE - 5:30pm March 3rd - soon here.

Trade Deadline. Season Trade Deadline is Mar 3rd.

TR Salary Cap report to be updated on Feb 24th.

March is soon here. All fees to be settled soon.

It’s Feb 15. Players traded NHL can’t become Fas.

Type B trade deadline Feb 10

Winter TB ends Feb 8. Final stretch of season begins

All Star Break. Do you care about the All Star games?

Winter Trade Blackout soon here. Coming the 27th.

Deadline for B type trades coming soon.

RSPS too quiet? No TrashTalk. No bets. No fights??

Jan TRs a sign of desperation or strategies?

2017 the New Year! …  the 2nd half of RSPS begins

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Holiday Trade Blackout ends Jan 3rd

RSPS in Holiday Trade Blackout

2016 finishes with 83 player transaction requests

RSPS teams busy Nov/Dec with player TRs

Fall TB ends and 2 trades.are made

How busy will it be when TB ends?

Fall Trade Blackout will soon be over.

TB? you can still pick up players on waivers.

Standings -  tm SHANNAPLAN holding 1st.

This season 5:30pm is the TR start/end time.

Questions about reports, TT, stats, etc…  ask!

Fees report just adds columns to the reg TR.

I’ll post the TR-Fees report before Fall TB ends.

TR report will be gone over, during Fall TB.

Fall Trade Blackout coming soon.

Close race in the standings just a month in.

Fall Trade Blackout less than 2 weeks away

First Free-C day coming Nov 8th

TR Daylight time to be corrected Nov 1 (EDT).

Only those already using TT get the free Cs.

Yes now & then there are (TT) free C days.

Receiving TR receipts is your option

Some Teams opt to not receive TR receipts

Standings -  team LUCIC CHONG holding 1st

thenhljl is moving directories. Questions? Ask!

First TR sends fwd Hayes back for def Petry

Want to add/change email adds. Pay so asap.

All.. make sure team names are correct.

All quiet with transactions… no surprise?

Teams remember THP Trash-Talk feature.

Season opening Trade Blackout ends Oct 18.

Teams to verify all records. Report errors.

The HOD - 13 Teams. Session lasted 2-1/2hrs.

Have a Pooliename. 10 chars max. Be witty?

14 Teams confirmed (1 req sub, 1 maybe late).

13 Teams confirmed (1 req sub, 14 a maybe).

RSPS still with 2-3 spots to fill (for total 14-15)

12 RSPS Teams confirmed to date.

RSPS Teams have you confirmed?

Inviting a friend or newbie/rookie ? Let me know

theCEO … going for 3 in a row?

The HOD Sun 16th 1:30pm - the Thirsty Moose

Poolie #s - See confirmed list on RSPS Central

Busy prepping for the RSPS & the HOD

HNIC PGP begins Nov 5 - Pickem Games Pool

The thenhljl prepping for 2016-17 HNIC PGP

HOD Oct 16 1:30pm - Poolies to commit asap

The thenhljl getting RSPS ready for 2016-17

Yep busy busy busy busy busy busy