2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs THENHLJL Playoff Pool Entry Form


Poolie Stats & standings playoff central Entry Form Activated NOW Your Playoff Pool Roster Bonus Players Note QUESTIONS ?  ASK !      contact@thenhljl.com Clicking submit will refresh a new page displaying your entry (receipt). This receipt is auto-forwarded to the thenhljl & logged. You can save &/or print this receipt or request it be emailed to you. Or you can just relax & know all is good. Matchups at NHL dot COM Stats at NHL dot COM See entry Form PDF (& download)
Remember! 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Clicking “Reset/Clear” button, does exactly that. All fields will be cleared. Poolie Name (double check all before submitting) (a valid email address is required) Your Information (be creative but no profanity pls) (example - how will you pay) (first & last) Your Name Deadline April 14th 7:00pm Good Luck & Have Fun! Comments enter 15 players 4 DEF, 9 FWD, 2 goalies NOW Enter 2 bonus players. any position, ANY team But remember the above rule. You can’t sub-in, if that sub-in breaks the ‘too many men’ rule. All 4 defensemen &/or all 9 forwards can’t be from the same NHL team. Email Team Pos Player (full name) FORWARDS Bonus Players GOALIES Team Pos Player (full name) DEFENSEMEN FORWARDS DEFENSEMEN GOALIES
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