All Official - Congrats to all !

Confirmation & official announcements 24hrs.

Team DONATION TEAM win Playoff Pool !

Pittsburgh win the Stanley Cup - in 6 Games.

Nashville-Pittsburgh… Go Nashville!

Nashville the underdog, Pittsburgh the favorite

Anaheim fall short. Again.

Appearing in conf finals Preds & Sens… wow

Round 2 ends & so do Blues & Caps… wow

Bonus player option ends. Good luck to all.

Bonus player option ends Wed 26th

The thenhljl CEO caught in email controversy.

Standings & abbreviations explained here.

Blackhawks swept by Predators.  wow

Round 2 start date still undetermined.

Bonus player online form has been activated.

Y’all have fun & good luck !

Review your teams & report any errors.

All issues (stats) have been corrected.

There is a temp issue with rosters. Soon fixed.

All has been updated & ready to go.

We will be ready.  Will you?.

Questions?  Ask.

2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs begin Apr 12th .

Bonus players… an option, it’s not mandatory.

Know anyone who might be interested?

Online Entry Form is now available.

Entry fee $10… enter as often as you like.

Playoff Entry deadline is Fri Apr 14 7pm.

Enter by hardcopy, email, online, photo, etc…

Download entry form PDF - now available

thenhljl busy preparing for the 2017 Playoffs.

thenhljl…  busy…  busy…  busy… 2016-17.