RSP2 Entry Form is available in PDF only. You can complete while online then do <file><save-as> to your hard drive. Then attach to email and send to postmaster. You can also ask postmaster to email you the PDF entry form.

If you experience browser issues, saving the PDF to your hard drive first then completing it might be best (or print it & complete).

Hardcopy submissions are not acceptable unless there is an electronic version with a date/time stamp. This can be done by…

A) When handing in the hardcopy, ensure a photo of the hardcopy is taken.

B) Scanning the hardcopy & emailing.  

C) Take a photo of the hardcopy and text to cell (attaching the photo) or email.  

D) Typing your player selections into an email msg or text (making sure to double check your selections).

Double check your completed form, before submitting.

All questions please email

All entries please email

Pool deadline Oct 12 midnight.

There will some leniency with entry form submissions having errors or related issues as this is a friendly thenhljl Hockey pool. However, only “some”  leniency as we all have to follow the rules. Every issue or error or correct made is logged and posted here on RSP2 Central for all to read.

We assure fair-play

THENHLJL (me) have been running hockey pools for over 20years and have upheld a reputation for running genuine pools that incorporate proper rules, guidelines and methods, preventing any fraudulent altering’s of statistics or received entry forms. If you have any concerns please feel free to email and tell me about them

Rules Prizes & Such RSP2 Central DEADLINE OCT 12 MONDAY MIDNIGHT